Commercial Sanitisation & Disinfecting

Why Sanitise & Disinfect?

In light of the current global COVID-19 pandemic, many business owners are concerned about minimising the risk of contagion in the workplace. Respected authorities advise that systematic cleaning, sanitising and disinfecting lowers the risk of transmitting infection caused by bacteria, germs and viruses. To meet this need, We Clean It now offers a range of commercial sanitisation and disinfecting services that will reduce the chances of surface transmission from potential pathogens.

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Our aim is to make your workplace as safe as possible. Sanitising lowers the initial risk of infection from surface transmission by reducing the possible number of germs on any given surface to a safe level, as decreed by public health authorities. Disinfecting further lowers the risk of transmission by killing 99.5% of germs on surfaces and objects. By having your workplace undergo a We Clean It sanitising & disinfecting regimen, you can have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are doing your best to maintain the health of your staff and customers.

How We Disinfect & Sanitise

We Clean It uses high grade commercial disinfectant and hospital grade disinfectant with virucidal properties. (Virucides are chemicals designed to deactivate viruses and decontaminate surfaces). We have carefully evaluated a range of sanitising and disinfecting products in order to choose the safest and most suitable for our customers.

Our disinfection services are carried out by our team who have been trained in accordance with the latest criteria from respected health care authorities. We protect our health and yours by making sure that our technicians wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) while carrying out any sanitation or disinfection services.

Our sanitisation & disinfecting program will be specifically tailored to your workplace, focusing on the “high touch” areas which can pose a higher risk. Fogging is an effective way to have your workspace sanitised. This works by dispersing an antibacterial vapour across any surface that it comes into contact with, leaving surfaces safely sanitised. As the mist is able to infiltrate hard to reach areas, fogging is particularly suitable for any workspace that may prove problematic with standard cleaning methods. We are equipped with a variety of foggers which can be used in conjunction with our 95०C high pressure jet spray. Having your premises fogged is an additional way to ensure that you have prioritised safety in your workplace.

Why Sanitise & Disinfect?

It is our recommendation that you contact us so that we can make arrangements to assess your individual situation. We value our customers and strive to accommodate your unique needs. Our team is aware of just how vital correct hygiene maintenance is, so we have made every effort to align our standards to meet with the guidelines and policies of local and federal government and healthcare agencies.

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Our sanitisation & disinfecting program is designed to be adapted to benefit the following clientele:

  • Schools & child care centres
  • Local councils
  • Body corporates
  • Restaurants
  • Medical centres, clinics, hospitals & vet surgeries
  • Gyms & sports stadiums
  • Shopping centres & supermarkets