About Us

We Clean It is a dedicated team of professional technicians with over 15 years of experience in cleaning and maintaining homes and businesses. We value cleanliness and safety and know that our clients do too. Our aim is to provide quality service that meets both your needs and your budget. We made this our business because health and cleanliness are important to us, and we are certain that our knowledge and skills can benefit you.

We strive to offer a cleaner and safer environment to all of our clients. Our comprehensive range of services allow us to accommodate the specific needs of both residential and commercial clientele. We appreciate that you are a unique client with unique needs so we respond personally to each and every request for assistance. After a consultation over the phone or onsite, you will be provided with a quote for a procedure designed to meet your personal cleaning and/or sanitising & disinfecting requirements.

Our business is customer focused and we are happy when our clients are happy. Our goal is to provide reliable and trustworthy service to each of our valued customers. We get great satisfaction knowing that our know-how has the means to improve the presentation of your premises and contribute to the wellbeing of those making use of it. Our staff are trained to be proficient in carrying out all of their duties and jobs are regularly monitored to ensure that our high quality standards are maintained.

All of our equipment is up-to-date and specially designed for the task at hand. We use industrial grade high pressure cleaning equipment and the latest in sanitising and decontamination tools. Our disinfectants are high grade industrial and hospital strength, giving the best protection possible from pathogens. All of our services & equipment are OH&S and Insurance compliant. We do our part for the environment by using biodegradable non harsh chemicals and recycled water wherever possible.

We have spent over 15 years cleaning and protecting the health of those in our community in such places as schools & child care centres, local councils, body corporates, restaurants, medical centres, clinics, hospitals & vet surgeries, gyms & sports stadiums, shopping centres & supermarkets. Our current clientele testify as to their satisfaction with our service and we are waiting to bring the same excellent results to your property!

Bin Cleaning Truck
Bin cleaning setup